3 Men’s Footwear Styles That You Shouldn’t Wear to Work!

Even today, when men have come a long way as in personal styling, there are still some men who make little mistakes in dressing formally. In order to avoid the mistakes and understand the right dress sense of dressing, you need to read this blog as this would guide to some shoe styles that shouldn’t wear to work. Read through this blog to avoid getting trapped into incorrect shoes styles for men.

Flip Away the Flip-flops

Flip-flops are indeed a FLOP show when you dressed in formals as they are not versatile footwear style that would gel well with your formal attire. For instance, how would feel getting from head to ankle in formals and completing your elegant look with a dash of casuals with flip flops. Even you must be making faces while reading this, so don’t diminish your formal look by getting into too casual footwear.

Say NO to Sober Sandals

Sandals to work is nothing less wearing casuals under your elegant and classy formal suit piece. So, if you are getting dressed for your work, make sure to slide away your sandal section since they are quite age-old style with a dash of casual look. There are times, when you consider them as fashion breaker since sandals turns off your entire style statement with their simple and little boring design.

Leave the Loafers behind

Non-lacing loafers look quite casual when you are wearing grey corporate suit. Just for a while, give it a thought to adding loafers to your formal suit, you would never even think to even think about it. In a nutshell, don’t wear loafers for men with formal attire, loafers are designed to be worn out with your semi-formal suit or with casuals.

Summing up the blog

Above, you have read about the shoe styles for men that shouldn’t be worn out with formals, however, no suggestions have been made above, if it is not, then what could go well with your formal suit. Formals shoes for men, such as lace-ups, monk strap, oxford shoes, derby shoes etc, have quite graceful and elegant appearance. These days, there are many online stores that offer great products at the best prices, explore hard and shop hard.

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Top Footwear Trends of the Season!

Footwear fashion world keeps on evolving and as we step into new season, most of you start thinking about refreshing your wardrobe and shoe wardrobe with new styles that just came in. So as we are already in the middle of the season, it is high time when you can choose the fresh collection of footwear to impress your friends with your latest trends of the season. As the fashion marketplace is gradually taking a pace with its trendy footwear styles, it would be better if you understand the fashion footwear trends for men.

Few Formal Shoes to Flaunt Away


Whether it is a monk strap shoes for men or brogue shoes for men, if you can’t carry them out in the best way, it won’t make any difference to your style. So, if you are a gentleman and you want to dress like a real man, it is quite important that you have right sense of dress to strike the right dress code in order to stand out in a crowd. For instance, if you are wearing men’s brogue shoes, three piece formal suit is quite a right way to justify the beauty of classy brogues.

Casual Shoes to Carry Out

fun starters

Cool and comfortable casual shoes and sandals are good option to carry out when you are going out on a casual meet-up. A huge variety of men’s casual shoes is available at best prices, so before making any purchase for casual shoes, make sure to choose what’s trending and the other perks you get in the form of offers or discounts. Sneakers and loafers for men is quite a trend this season as most of the men are trying their hands on these styles. Team them up with your chinos or semi-formal trouser to enhance your casual look.


Whatever your personality is, the latest trends of the season would enhance your look. So try out the styles with your casual look to stay ahead in your dress game. These days, there are many online stores that offer high quality men’s shoes at best price, so explore, compare and do online shopping for men’s shoes.

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An informative guide on buying men’s formal shoes


This blog would provide you with a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to purchasing men’s formal shoes or dress shoes. This piece of content would definitely make it extremely convenient, serene and a tranquil procedure eradicating all the impediments.

  1. Always be extremely cautious and contemplate well before buying leather shoes. If you are purchasing leather shoes, make sure to touch the upper of the shoe and ascertain the quality. Patent leather and dual toned leather is definitely a FAD these days, but even patent leather has its own varieties. Touch the leather once and if it seems to be too hard and jaggy, then do not go for such a hard surface. This type of leather always wrinkles and the extremely rigid upper can cause calluses, bunions and skin aggravation causing blisters. While buying leather formal shoes for men always smell the leather and if it smelling of chemicals or something else, do not go for that formal shoe. Might be faux leather at the price point of genuine leather. Make sure that the formal shoe you ought to buy is highly durable and the leather upper is soft and supple. Wear it and feel the comfort because genuine leather always confirms and moulds itself according to the foot shape and provides you supreme comfort. A few prerequisites like this would help you in buying genuine leather shoes.
  2. If you are perplexed and muddled up on how to maintain your leather shoes, you should always follow a few tips. Leather is not indestructible, if not taken proper care of, it would rip off and crease and crack. Therefore, use genuine leather [polishes, wax polishes, creams, sprays or shoe trees to maintain the leather and bring back the nourishment of your leather shoes.
  3. Men wearing formal shoes with heels are a total fashion faux pas. Please make sure the heel doesn’t go above 1.2 inches or 3 cm. this would completely throw off the opulent appearance of dress shoes.
  4. Avoid anything which is in extremity. A shoe should never be too square, too pointy or too round. Avoid anything which I super symmetrical in shape and choose something having elegant and exuberant curves so that both the shoes complement each other resembling the silhouette of the foot.
  5. Do not create fashion blunders by pairing incorrect shoes with the suits. Never pair up slim looking shoes with baggy suits not having a slim fit silhouette. You should always set the contrast between your shoes and dress so that it perfectly suits the silhouette of the body and doesn’t make you appear inappropriate and disproportionate. The shoes and apparel should always correlate with each other; slim suits with slim shoes and gracious suits with heavy shoes.

After going through these aforementioned points, you must have got the idea on what to pick and what to not. There are many online stores; you can easily buy formal shoes online and that too at best prices.

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3 Things a Runner Must Follow While Buying Running Shoes

As most of the people are well aware of the fact that a regular jog can alleviate all mid-life blues, and in order to beat all your pain with jogging, you need to have a nice pair of running shoes for men. If in case, you have regular running shoes that are filling for your proper running shoes, then it is high time to replace them with high quality and comfortable sports shoes. In order to put your hands on the right pair of shoes that would give your feet all comfort and keeps your feet cool as well, do read this blog as it will help you out in finding out the right pair that will keep your feet cool and comfortable while running.

Sports Shoes for Men

  •  Branded running shoes

Although, there are many people who believe that there is no much difference between branded and a local running shoes since they solve the purpose of giving the cushion while running. However, they are quite far away from the fact world, the biggest difference that branded shoes make is they are constructed with high quality material, which increases the life of the shoes. Branded sports shoes for men are best to rely upon when purchasing running shoes.

Force 10 Sports Shoes

  •   Don’t forget the comfort

When you are all set to buy a new pair of sports shoes, always make comfort your priority. If the shoe for men is not comfortable, there is no point buying shoes for you.  While buying men’s sports shoes, try it out and check its comfort, in case on online shopping, do not forget to read the product description provided below the product image.

Gliders Running Shoes

  •   Don’t buy that fits perfectly

Always make sure to buy running shoes that are not perfectly fit as while running or jogging, your feet swell a bit, which makes you feel uncomfortable if you are in the perfect fit. So ensure buy sports shoes that are not perfectly fit to your feet.


After going through this blog, you must have understood the key factors that need to be considered while making a purchase of sports shoes. So next time when you are up to buy comfort shoes, do apply these tips as it will help you to hand upon the right running shoes.

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Liberty Unveils an Intriguing and Invigorating Collection of Formal Shoes

Liberty unveils an intriguing and invigorating collection of formal shoes this summer spring season to exhilarate you and drown you in euphoria. Get ready for the drooling mouths with this exuberant collection of formal shoes form Liberty. This formal shoe from Fortune is for those accomplished men who contain the unflinching and unsurpassable determination to accomplish something big in their lives. This formal shoe for men is apt for being worn for office purposes, professional meetings or social jamborees because of its formal Oxford appearance and closed lacing mechanism.

Fortune Formal Shoes for Men

The genuine leather upper provides high ventilation and excellent breath-ability which prevents the foot from certain for afflictions, bunions, metatarsal afflictions, blisters and skin aggravation along with bad foot odor. The texture of the upper is extremely soft, sloppy and mushy providing a feather like walking experience. The cushioning at the foot bed and an extremely comfortable in sock would keep the foot comfortable and at ease for the entire day. You can occasionally use shoe polishes or lotions to bring back the pristine appearance of the shoe along with providing the needful nourishment to the shoe. This formal shoe fits better, has excellent comfort and has an extremely soft texture.

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Liberty Force 10 – Zeppelin Collection 2016

Visit for more: http://www.libertyshoesonline.com/brands/force-10.html

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Get Energetic and Enthusiastic with Liberty’s Summer Spring Sport Shoe Collection!

You can run barefoot, in your stilettos or in your badminton or running shoes. All these shoes might be appropriate for a certain period of time or a certain occasion, but you should realize a perfect pair of running shoes would be your best investment. Running involves the repetitive movement of the foot, from heel to toe repeatedly bouncing the body weight up and down. You need running shoes with offer you the correct grip ad traction along with providing breath-ability, comfort and cushioning. You should always purchase running shoes which would make the best of your investments.

Let the juvenile and the runner inside you come out and elope the mundane monotony. The new Zeppelin Range for men and women is a must have for the agile runners. This exquisite range of sport shoes is procured using High frequency seamless welding. The insole is equipped with air pockets which propels energy with every step and provides a fresh step of energy with every step you take. The mid-sole of this sport shoe have air cushioning structure which provides excellent shock absorption properties and traction. Whenever a foot is compressed against the ground, these air cushions compress and provides the foot with adequate amount of stability, cushioning, maintains friction, provides excellent grip and is also slip resistant which prevents adventitious bruises. The high frequency welding ensures a seamless upper which provides an extremely distinguished, neat, precise and streamlined silhouette of the upper making the shoe appearing extremely sporty and up to the contemporary trends. This sport shoe with the air pockets is apt for the runners providing sufficient amount of support to their ankle, feet and arch preventing overpronation and flatten feet. This shoe is available in intriguing designs and vivacious colors and is apt for the runners. This shoe has a countered sock liner which keeps the foot in place.

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Best Way to Buy Men’s Formal Shoes at Best Price!

A lot of people get perplexed while buying men’s formal shoes online since some don’t know how to buy men’s shoes online and others don’t think it is feasible to buy online. Even today, when the world is moving towards digitization, still there are many people who think that it is better to buy products offline. This way, they can see the products and can check the texture of the product. This gives them great satisfaction for choosing the product after trying it out. Through online shopping you can see the product and buy the product at the best price. This blog will direct you to the right way of buying men’s formal shoes at best price.

Formal Shoes for Men

Research is a key to an online search

Today, there are many online sites that offer high quality products at the best prices, but while searching for the men’s shoes online, ensure that you do some research before relying on the site. Thoroughly research about the site through reading testimonials or reviews posted on the site and do not forget to compare the prices of the site with other online stores. When you are sure about the site, only then you start your shopping as there are some online stores that offer low quality products at great prices. So be careful while purchasing for yourself or for your beloved ones.

Buy men’s formal shoes online

Once you have selected the online store, it is time to start your shopping online from the best online store. Keep one thing in mind before buying formal shoes for men online is to make sure that the site is registered and must have good reputation on the Internet. Last but not the least; do not forget to strike the right deal by comparing the product with other site’s rate list. So this season adorn your feet with the best summer style and that too at great price.

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How to Take Care of Your Leather Footwear

Taking care of your formal leather shoes, leather ballerinas or any leather footwear doesn’t have a sole purpose of making your shoes look good, but also has an additional purpose of bringing back the health, salubriousness, pristine shine and nourishment of the shoe back prolonging the shoe life. Whether you a shoe connoisseur, splurge money on shoes every weekend, budget conscious shopper, taking care of your footwear is always an essential in prolonging the life and maintenance of your shoes. Whether you own a comfortable and classy pair of leather formal shoes for men or casual leather footwear, you need to take steps in order to maintain your footwear collection and prolong the life.

When it comes to leather shoes online or men’s formal shoes online, you should ascertain and incorporate this though in your mind that genuine leather doesn’t rip off, but with the course and pass of time, genuine leather loses its moisture retention properties and starts cracking. Therefore, it becomes a paramount act to use leather conditioners, cleaners, shoe creams or shoe polishes with shoe brushes to prolong the life of the shoes. You have to distinguish between the procedures and methods used to take care of leather shoes as compared to suede shoes, exotic skins, Nubuck or athletic shoes.

The essential products which you require when you are practising an activity on your leather shoes are newspapers, gloves, cotton cloth or rags having a mushy and soft texture, shoe brush with soft bristles, smooth leather shoe conditioner or cleaner, shoe polish or a shoe cream and a leather protectant for waterproofing the product. Work on top of the newspapers and wear gloves and make sure the wear where you are performing this activity is well ventilated. This is an essential act because sometimes these shoe polishes and creams may carry certain hazardous and harmful chemicals which might cause repercussions.

Shoe cleaners come in gels, sprays, creams and liquids. Some of these shoe cleaners have an applicator on the top and can be used with the assistance of a shoe brush with soft bristles. After you have cleaned the shoe, let the shoe dry for a few minutes and commence the shining of the shoe with a cotton cloth. Whenever you are contemplating of conditioning your leather shoes, make sure you use natural conditioners which are absorbed by the shoes instantly instead of the synthetic and chemical conditioners which sit aloof on the top without being retained by the leather.

Shoe polishes can sometime comprise of hazardous chemicals and toxins which could be devastating if inhaled. Therefore, make sure keep these commodities out of reach of children and animal companions. Use shoe polishes in a ventilated area and make sure t discard the residual and remnants left after the cleansing process. If you want to elope from the use of chemicals, you can simply rub off the surface of your leather shoes with the inside of the banana peel and consistently rub it off on the texture with not so aggressive buffing with a soft cloth or rag. You can also apply some olive oil or walnut oil for smooth leather in small amounts onto the shoe and buff with a soft cotton cloth. Before applying this on the entire surface, try this method on an inconspicuous spot. You not have to worry about your formal shoes online or online shoes, because this content provides you with a plethora of techniques to take care.

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Characteristics of a Healthy and Salubrious Sport Shoe!

You face a lot of perplexity when it comes to purchasing the correct sport shoe. More than the appearance of a sport shoe, the comfort factor and a few significant features pertaining to comfort and cushioning are much more paramount than the appearance and fashion quotient. Wrong and uncomfortable shoes can cause severe repercussions and cause strenuous pain to your arch and feet. Therefore, whenever you are out for purchasing sport shoes for men, make sure you discern a few distinctive factors. You can avail a wide variety of men’s sport shoes form Liberty’s online store and offline exclusive showrooms.

Sports Shoes for Men

Here are a few factors which should be discerned and contemplated profoundly when buying a sport shoe online or offline for men:

  • The insole of the sport shoes for men should have cushioning. The insole cushioning is extremely significant for an enhanced performance. The insole and foot bed should provide serious cushioning and arch support along with having a control on the fungal growth.
  • The sole procured using PU or Rubber is highly appropriate. The outsole should have treads and nobs which provide shock absorption and attenuation properties. Along with this, the outsole should offer high resistance to water, abrasion, oil, chemicals, scuffing and marking and high flexibility.
  • The upper of the sport shoe for men procured using PU, mesh, woven fabric or synthetic leather (PU CFB) are the most appropriate. These uppers should provide adequate amount of space to your foot to provide comfort and ease to phalanges and metatarsal bones, should offer stability and grip to the foot, should provide enough breathability and ventilation which prevents in sweat accumulation and prevent bad foot odor.
  • The midsole layer should offer cushioning and assist in shock absorption.
  • The toe box should provide capacious amount of space to the toe and phalanges bones so that the fingers can easily spread out and help in an easy movement of the toe fingers.
  • Take care of the arch support. There should be contouring at the midsole and outsole which provides support to the higher part of the foot.
  • There should be foam padding around the ankle collar, often notched in the back to provide maximum comfort to the Achilles tendon.
  • There should be cushioning at the heel area because this cushioning prevents heel pain and provides support to the heel along with protecting the heel when it strikes the ground. Therefore, the best and appropriate sport shoes should have maximum cushioning at the heel along with cushioning at the midsole and ore foot area to provide shock absorption.
  • Repeated walking can uncover patterns such as overpronation and oversupination. Extremities of both the situations can cause severe injuries, severe pain, flattening of the arch due to excessive pressure on the foot, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and bunions. A shoe with good arch support and roll bar can help to correct overpronation. Oversupination can cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sprains and stress fractures. View more: http://www.libertyshoesonline.com
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