Always Keep Your Right Foot Forward With 3 Formal Shoes

Stepping into a different pair of shoes every day of the year is a big problem for many men. These days, there are a few styles that should anchor any modern man’s footwear collection, so read on to make sure you’ve got the basic styles added to your shoe wardrobe.

The classic lace-up Oxford leather shoe is the most important dress shoe a man should own these days. These are the sort of formal shoes that you can spend a little more on without a guilt as they are equally perfect for work and play. If you remember, there was an old saying that you shouldn’t wear brown in town, but we think it’s time to mold the rules up a bit and add Tan color to let you figure out your own sartorial compass.

Grey and navy suits offer a little more freedom: a conservative workplace or dress code will appreciate the more formal black, while brown is perfect for casual Fridays or weekend hijinks.

The loafer, a symbol of Italy’s more laid-back tailoring landscape, has enjoyed a welcomed resurgence in recent years. The most common incarnations are the traditional penny loafer and the tasseled loafer, though more casual styles (for summer wearing with shorts) are also available.

Most of your wear will be party-based, so we think it’s a good shoe to have some fun with, by opting for brown, navy or something more unique, like taupe or burgundy. In terms of the material, tradition suggests leather for summer and suede for winter, but we don’t think you should get too hung up on it.

The easiest way to wear a loafer will be with a pair of chinos or tailored cotton pants, paired with a statement blazer, but it doesn’t need to stop there. A quick browse of social media and you’ll find that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your loafers with a suit.

If you’re going down this route, ensure the hem of your trouser is tapered and cropped high above the ankle with “no break” nothing ruins the style more than a pair of flappy pants ending loose and covering some of the shoe. This is particularly important if you’re wearing your loafers without socks.

Chelsea Boot

When you’re looking for a shoe that you can get a lot of wear out of, it’s difficult to look past the versatile Chelsea boot. Pair it with blue denim and a tee for a stylish trip to the local watering hole, or wear it with cream chinos and a navy blazer for a garden wedding. It’s one of the few shoes that you can, hypothetically, wear just about every day.

The best part is that a quality pair of Chelsea boots will last you a lifetime. With a bit of polish and care, they’ll get even better with age, as the leather wears in and a few scuffs add to the personality of the shoes.


Shoes are the best way to complete one’s style, so why not to add some value to your overall personality with a dash of style and elegance. Checkout the best online sites that offer high quality and durable men’s shoes online at best prices.


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