A Few Shoe Facts to Remember

You should remember a few quick tips while shoe shopping. Make sure you can wiggle your toes and fidget with your feet inside the shoes. You should always try on both the shoes and take a stroll around the vicinity to ascertain whether it fits you properly and is highly comfortable and they do not pinch. If comfort is the paradigm for you, you should always go for shoes or footwear with leather uppers because leather is highly breathable and moulds itself to the shape of the foot providing maximum comfort. Feet tend to swell during the day time. Therefore, make sure to go for shoe shopping in the afternoon because your feet are the biggest during that time. Purchase right shoes for right purpose. High heels are not apt for long walking distances and stilettos are not apt to be worn at office. Therefore, make wise and sagacious decisions. Always go for the right fitting shoe. Do not purchase anything out of avarice.

Heels and especially high heels are every woman’s predilections. One can avail a colossal collection of height plus ballerinas, comfortable ballerinas, fashionable wedges, casual and comfortable platform heels, extremely fashionable platform heels, kitsch and rejuvenating thongs and stylish sandals from Liberty’s online and offline stores. Heels always make your legs look taller and elongated. But uncomfortable and antagonizing heels can cause certain afflictions like heel blisters, bunions, calluses and corns leading to heel ache, arch pain, spinal pain, ankle pain, and flattened arch and plantar fasciitis. Therefore, go for comfortable heels simultaneously. Comfortable and scintillating heels can give you that oomph factor and extra sparkle. While wearing high heels, take smaller steps because this gives you a coquettish high heel wiggle.

Many people as suggested to wear insoles or orthoses within their shoes. These simple pads or insoles can protect tender joints, ankle, provide comfort to arch and correct the way a foot functions. For making this treatment, you have to make sure you wear the right kind of shoe. A shoe which has a depth at the toe and the heel, adjustable fastening, no more than 4 cm of heel and most significantly removable insoles which allow easy accommodation of the orthoses. You can use gel insoles or leather insoles and insert them inside your formal shoes. Gel insoles, leather insoles, memory foam insoles, massager insoles, insoles with healer technology, insoles with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties are apt for providing health benefits.

Proper and adequate amount of foot care is extremely essential for your good, healthy and salubrious feet. Wash your feet daily twice or thrice a day in warm water and a mild solution of water and soap and make sure to dry your feet thoroughly. If your skin is dry, apply moisturizing creams or foot creams and trim your toe nails regularly.  Keep your feet warm and exercise daily to ensure the healthy blood circulation. To avoid blisters and fluid filled lesions which are caused by pressure and friction, avoid wearing ill fitting shoes, stiff shoes, accumulation of excessive sweat and moisture inside the foot and wrinkled socks.


About libertyshoesonline

Liberty Shoes, one of the most well-known footwear reputed organization has over 50 years of experience in the footwear industry. A prestigious name, it is known for creating smart and stylish shoes with finesse. It has a strong presence in more than 25 countries with 50 reputed stores outside India. In India itself, Liberty has 350 exclusive showrooms and 6,000 multi-brand outlets along with its online store for buying latest and stylish shoes online for men, women, kids etc. It has concentrated on quality since its establishment and will continue its legacy in future too.
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