Well, before starting any further let me just remind you what Loafers are actually.
Loafers are a classic slip-on style of shoe that does not feature laces or other fastenings. They are typically made of leather or suede and shaped like a moccasin with a flat heel. Although they began as casual shoes, loafers are today worn with a variety of outfits for a range of occasions, including many that are formal.libertyshoesonline11A pretty solid line up here is shown by LIBERTY! This is just their loafer collection for men online which is quite impressive really for having just one brand with lots of sub brands for so many pairs of shoes. One of the most traditional styles, the penny loafer is a stylish minimal shoe. It is also versatile, making it an excellent purchase. You don’t have to roam around anymore this season, all you have to do is sit back, click here at- and purchase your favorite pair of loafers to get a chic and smart look this 2018!

While the pattern or tan or brown loafer is often made of leather, suede is another excellent choice. Suede will also allow you greater freedom when it comes to adapting your basic loafer to different dress codes. Perfect alongside a well-fitted cotton suit or paired with a pair of slim chinos, these loafers work well in shades of beige, brown, navy and khaki.libertyshoesonline12As per the current trend, loafers and slip-ons have made a major come back and they are not going anywhere near to fad. So, you all should at least have 2 to 3 pairs of these category shoes in your wardrobe right away!
And guess what the 2018 July deal is round the corner at LIBERTY, so why not make the most out of it and shop them loafers and slip-ons for yourself!

Shop now! Hurry!


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SLAY CASUAL- with Liberty!

You got to own a pair of casual shoes because somewhere in life you would definitely need these kicks to challenge your boundaries in terms of street fashion. Casual shoes have become a wardrobe staple for every man these days. They are the ones that you wear every day. Hence, they play a solid part in a man’s wardrobe. We love keeping up with lots of trends every season but some casual shoes for men online are timeless and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be investing in them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!libertyshoesonline1Invest in shoes that look like running shoes but provide the comfort of a cushioned shoe designed to be abused for just about anything without breaking a sweat. Not all shoes that look good are comfortable but this one is an all-rounder, it looks splendid, fits well and has an extremely comfortable insole. When buying casual shoes, there are certain things kept in mind- the shoe should make a perfect grip to your feet, the heel should fit snug but not tight, the flex point of the shoe should always be checked, for a lack of flexibility can lead to several disorders. Finding all these traits in one single shoe isn’t easy, you need to have an eye for shoes to drive your attention to details.libertyshoesonline2The sock-like construction of this will really get everyone talking about your shoes. Non-lace ups are perfect for those who believe in the trend and wishes to try new styles most of the time.

Casual shoes are just as much important as any other shoes in your closet. This pair of shoe is minimalistic on appeal and gives a clean look to your personality. This one stands perfect or a casual day-out or maybe for your casual Fridays at work.libertyshoesonline3This can be your winter wardrobe staple too, you can wear it every day because they are sturdy enough to take on any challenge and decent enough to complement all your casual looks.

So? Whats the wait? Hurry shop at LIBERTY now!


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libertyThat feeling when you can get out of your homes in a basic tee and shorts! Isn’t it amazing? We all love wearing light airy clothes and well fashion takes a newfangled flair when it comes to spring- summer dressing goals. Well, when it comes to footwear, flip-flops are a go-go and on high demand. Why? Because your feet too need to breathe the fresh air and wearing the sturdy shoes and even sneakers lead to sweat and bad odor.

Well, to sweep away the complications, we at Liberty have launched the new range of women’s footwear online – Senorita. Every piece of senorita footwear has a fashion statement of its own. The designs are inspired by the trends around the world suitable to Indian taste and needs with a comfort element in each piece of footwear. From heels and platforms to flats, the senorita brand speaks the language of style and has a remarkable collection to die for. Footwear in a voguish silhouette with a comfort factor is the need of the hour.

liberty1            liberty2

Extremely comfortable and stylish, the footwear is a perfect edit for your summer getaways. The footwear will keep your feet gripped providing you an invariant style throughout the day. You can pair these slippers with your basic jeans and t-shirt and can also pull them off to your workplace for an eminent poise and relaxation. Extremely versatile and functional, the footwear is a wear-anywhere everyday staple. The nodes on the foot bed will keep your feet massaged and relaxed. Make it a summer worth a stroll with a fancy and perfect pair of fashion footwear in your shoe closets. The footwear will complement all your looks, be it a skirt you tune it with, a denim and t-shirt combo, or be it a skirt and crop top tucked in for a chic girly look.

Explore the range of the newly launched comfortable yet stylish footwear for women. Spend your summers in optimum comfort and style with


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We all desire to have a closet full of shoes. From fancy embellished heels to casually simple sandals and loafers do a great deal when it comes to pairing and flaunting. Women have a fetish for shoes; no outfit is rendered complete without the mix and the match of the shoes. As summers are tethering, the urge of sliding in a stylish and comfy pair of shoes accelerates. From party dress up picks to casual slide in and out shoes for regular strolls, Liberty holds the most comfortable and durable range of shoes that will make your walk much more easier and fancier.

We have listed out some of the best shoes for women to get their feet walking in right away.libertyshoesonline1When your weekend plans are packed with Sunday shopping plans and coffee get together, a chic casual pair of shoes is most preferred. Summers allow you dress invariably but with the boon come the bane, wearing shoes in summer can be quite suffocating and if you are thinking of open flats and slippers then beware of the tan. Shoes that can keep your feet covered yet allowing them to breathe comfortably are a must have for the season. These shoes are light-weight, comfortable and breathable. Keep your feet relaxed and in the ease with these chic shoes.libertyshoesonline2Running and exercising every morning keeps you fit. All you need is the right pair of shoes. A sports shoe that offers the right grip, optimum comfort and enough traction are the best of all. These sports shoes are absolutely comfortable as well as durable. These will keep your feet relaxed providing you the right cushioning as you run. The shoes are versatile; you can carry them to the gym as well as to the park.libertyshoesonline3Sneakers are the ubiquitous pair of shoes. Their distinct style and comfortable fit make them the most popular and preferred pair of shoes for both men and women. These black sneakers will up the ante of the casual street style cred with its stylish design and shade. Pair them with your jeans and a regular t-shirt or go sporty by pairing it with your skater dresses the shoes will suit all your looks perfectly.


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Best Travel Shoes for Kids

Traveling with kids is not an easy task. They run, jump, roam, hike and do all the other things without just sitting idle. And that’s when; choosing perfect footwear for your kids becomes crucial. Kid’s love hopping around but they are unaware of the rocky surfaces they might hurt themselves to. Thus, keep the kid’s footwear on priority when it comes to travel and tourism is a must. Finding footwear that offers the right traction, proper fit, good grip and a stylish spin is a tricky task.

Allow us to help your get rid of your dilemmas as we have culled some of the best options for you to splurge on this season for your kid’s feet.



A sports shoe with a proper cushioning and soft sole is all you need when looking for a good shoe for your kids. The shoe is best for trekking and running. The shoe gives stability to your kid’s foot resulting in a proper traction. The thick sole prevents the feet on the rocky terrains and surfaces. The shoe is comfortable and sturdy enough that you need to far about the twisted ankles. Other than the comfort benefit it lends to the little feet, the shoe is absolutely stylish and edgy to match all your kid’s cutesy outfits.



Summer sandals are lightweight, airy and comfortable. Sandals are the most preferred footwear by the parents as it offers the right grip and comfort. This hassle-free footwear comes with Velcro straps with easy slide in and out feature. Take them to the beaches or by the poolside, they will hold your kid’s feet right and will keep them grounded. This polo casual sandal is attractive and the kids will love wearing them.


These shoes are cutesy and peppy. These slide in and out footwear are the best wear –anywhere add-on for kids to hop in them all around. Style them shorts and tee and see people adore them. These shoes are attractive enough to keep your kids happy and relaxed. The soft and the cushy fit of these slides in and out footwear is worth a steal.

Wait no more, splurge on these fashionable cute shoes for kids and let them spend their travel all pepped and pretty.


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Trendy Casual Shoes For Men

Our footwear collection is incomplete without a couple of cool and casual shoes. With the summer season creeping in, our wardrobe definitely needs s a revamp. Upgrade your shoe stash with some cool and casual shoes that will solve the daily challenge of pairing shoes with your attire. Your formal clothes do not have to boring anymore, you can pull off a semi-formal look with an Athleisure touch with our basic casual shoes for men. Our exclusive range of casual shoes has been designed keeping comfort and style in mind. Investing in a couple of good casual shoes that work well with whatever outfit you wear. The Athleisure trend has already set the pandemonium among the young crowd, and we think you shouldn’t be left behind in the game either. From colorful sporty staples to all-white sneakers, up your casual fashion this season with these style-worthy shoes!

The Tan Glaze

The Tan Glaze1.jpg

Work a smart casual look with the Gliders men’s lace-ups from Liberty. The tan brown color has all the eye-catching details, with contrast white stitching across the shoe and black and white heel to give an edge to it. Club this exquisite pair of shoes with a mandarin collar linen shirt and relaxed fit chinos for a dapper evening look!

The Sporty Vibe

The Sporty Vibe2

If you don’t want to stick to strictly sporty shoes then this one is the perfect choice. The unique color and style of the shoe makes it every bit of grab-worthy and it will surely draw all eyes on you. Pair it with loose denim and a fitted Henley t-shirt to compete the look. You can also sport this to your casual Fridays at work!

Free The Feet

Free The Feet3

For days when you don’t feel like stepping into those troublesome shoes, the Coolers Tan Brown Sandals will definitely be your best mate then. So slip into these ultra comfy pair and let your feet breathe some fresh air, we are sure this pair is sure to become your go-to choice for men’s casual shoes in the summer season.

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Keep Your Feet Healthy & Happy With The Most Versatile Shoes For Women

A lot of factors in a woman’s life can impact the health of her feet. Adding to it, how you treat your feet can also have a significant impact on your health. Foot care health is apparently neglected by us, which shouldn’t be the case though. A proper foot care routine is important for your health to keep away with skin allergies and infections, and the most essential factor being that you choose the right pair of shoes. With women getting more and more health-conscious, one shouldn’t’ gamble with health. When choosing the right pair of shoes you should check on several guidelines like the weight of the shoe, the insole, the upper and the heel height. Keeping health factors in mind even before buying a shoe is very important but with so many new shoe styles popping up every day, you need to be very careful before choosing one. Most often the shoe style flatters us so much that we forget about our need and end up buying what is not even needed. So, in order to keep both the looks and the comfort in place you need to invest in decently sturdy pair of shoes that will go in the long run. We’ve got you some of the most trending and multi-purpose women sports shoes!

women sports shoes1

Combining a clean and seamless design with a modish style, these pink running shoes from Force10 is a perfect pick for women who love to work out in style. These look adorable and will be your companion in the long duration, you cannot doubt the durability of this one. The perforated design will give your feet a room for breathability, with self-pattern all-over these are highly versatile and stylish.

women sports shoes2

This black pair of sports shoes is designed to meet all your training demands in the most stylish manner. This one combines breathability and ultra-flexible outsole, this basic black pair is surely not to be missed out on. The minimal design provides good support, lockdown and flexibility when you need it the most.

women sports shoes3

Non-lace ups are a closet staple for most women, since they are easy to wear and quite light in weight. With this cool and casual shoe you don’t have to worry about your feet being itchy or sweaty; this shoe will give you all the comfort of walking on a soft bed. You’ll be flattered with its quite appealing simplistic design and will give you look a nonchalant touch while you workout. This one is good choice for those who are on a lookout for semi sports shoes that’s basically an alternative to sports shoes.

As the winter season is approaching, turn up the vibes and show some care for your feet. Buy the most versatile sports shoes for women with Liberty and keep your feet and healthy.


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Best Formal Shoes For Men

Undoubtedly, a man should always try to dress and look his best. Your shoes represent your personality and the tone of occasion, whether you’re running errands, heading out to a meeting or to a weekend night with friends, you should always be power dressed from head to toe. What better than a pair of formal shoes that graces up any look effortlessly. So be wise enough while scouting formal shoes for men. There’s a vast variety out there, ever since the brogues have come in the limelight, everyone has been obsessing over it. Lace-ups are elegant enough to pull off a strictly formal look, if you want to dress down a bit then go for casual attire and let the shoes make you stand out!
For those who think that formal shoes can only be matched with formal outfits, have definitely not seen how dress shoes can enhance even a simple and casual look.

online branded shoes

Dress shoes are best worn with formal suits and this one is suave in style and high in class. This will surely take your look from nothing to extraordinarily unique. The gloss finish and the perforated pattern are grabbing all our attention. Be ready to nail the formal footwear with ease and steal the show!

branded shoes

These elegant pair of non lace-ups is a total steal! Designer shoes are often not preferred by men but this one will give an edge to your personality and can be worn semi-formally as well. Non-lace ups can work with a number of shoes but they pair great with formal suits or even semi-formal attire. The design is quite unique, you just need to keep the rest of your look subtle and minimal in order to let the shoes complement. Go for plain shirts instead of printed ones and you’re good to go!

branded shoes india

The Monk-strap style shoe is a stylish and equally versatile dress shoe, its sleek design and the buckle straps on top make for an extremely standout shoe choice. It can work with a number of formal outfits and can take you from a business meeting to a night-out. This leather with a polished finish is all you need to bring yourself ahead of the curve!

Unlike sport shoes, formal can work a number of outfit styles and occasions. You must invest in a couple of decent formal shoes in different styles. Check out good online branded shoes and you’ll be amazed to see the endless variety.

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The Ultimate Casual Shoes Of The Season!

You can’t ever get enough of men’s shoes and the fashion trends followed by them. But there are certain shoe staples that you cannot miss out on because they work with almost all your outfits and those are the ultimate casual shoes. Casual shoes for men include an array of styles and patterns and, we know, you’ve amassed quite the trending collection in your wardrobe and you have a fresh pair for every day of the week to match every outfit in your wardrobe. But what’s important is, to have a couple of casual pairs that can be matched with anything that you wear. We want to take one step further and say that shoes are the major part of a man’s wardrobe and it’s a good time to add some depth to your footwear game of the season!

While we know you’ve stocked the sneaker collection over the years and still obsessing with the trend, we’ve got you the perfect casual shoes that will take your outfit from nothing to extraordinary. Here’s the guide to casual shoes that aren’t sneakers but will accentuate your look in the sassiest way!

casual shoes

This extremely comfortable pair of non-lacing boat shoes will make you rock your day and night effortlessly. The versatility extends across all pant styles, from jeans, chinos to casual suits and this one is best paired with a linen shirt and chino shorts for a perfect summer evening by the beach side.

Casual shoes for men

These casual lace-up shoes are a good alternative to over-the-top oxford shoes since you cannot carry them off with your lazy summer look. This shoe style has been resurrected to become a footwear staple in the casual menswear shoe game. For a dapper look, don’t forget to pair the shoes with fitted pants!

Casual shoes for men in india

Sports shoes for men are another major part of your shoe collection but it often doesn’t compliment all your outfits, hence a pair of lace-up shoes is a good alternative to the not-so-easy-to-carry-in-summer sports shoes. These shoes are comfortable enough to get you from hopping in the bar to jumping the puddles! So get your shoe game on fleek and pair this piece with a casual t-shirt and denim for a refined & relaxed look!

Tell us what your favourite casual shoe style is & choose what suits your style the most!

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Best Brands In Kid’s Shoes

Little steps need more attention to details. Don’t you agree? For your little kids, you can’t pick random styles from any brand. These days, there is a wide range of kids shoes available in the market. Pay more attention to your kids’ steps by going through this blog that will reveal some awesome brands for kids shoes. So say “Goodbye” to harsh shoes that will hurt your kid’s feet with its hard sole.

Here is a list of brands that will add comfort and style to your child’s soft and supple feet.

FootFun For Fun Feet


What attracts your child the most in footwear? It is quite obvious that children get attracted towards colors and funky styles that catches their eye-ball at any time. Well, if you look around, you will come to know that there is a wide range of kids shoes available in fun colors. However, it doesn’t mean that all colorful range is comfort for your child’s feet. So, ensure style and comfort is available while buying shoes for your child. This orange ballerina is what you need to have when your kid is fond of cartoon characters.

Gliders For Power Grip


Are your kid a naughty one and often falls? These days, there are many shoes that are not anti-skid shoes available in the market. However, a lot parents just skip this feature while looking for the best shoes for their child. If you love your child and want your child to be protected all day long, make sure to grab anti-skid shoes that will keep your kid safe while running and even walking. This red gingham pattern on the side of the shoe amp up the entire look of this black shoe.


No more sore feet for your kids as the aforementioned brands will keep your kid’s feet safe and protected. These brands make sure to offer comfort, durability and flexibility in shoes to make your kid feet feel light and comfortable. Browse through the styles on the Internet and pick the right shoes that are best for your kids.

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